Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kōgeki & Kaeshi Waza Seminar in Tauranga - 10 August 2013

A review from Tony Bell, Dojo Cho - Aikido Shinryukan Dojo Tauranga: 
"Filip pushed out our understanding yet again. Every time we train together I am further impressed, not only with his obvious commitment to Aikido, but all things good.

It was an honour to host an awesome mix of Aikidoka, from young teens through to the very experienced, which in its self is testament to Filip's huge heart.

His emphasis on ukemi I feel is extremely beneficial to our development in aikido and is often glanced over because of its complexity.

We practiced our "roll" as uke, reacting honestly to nage's lead & nage not being frustrated by defeat. Also enjoying every moment as it exists, as it is all to soon passed and if we focus on the next can rob ourselves of the now. All very important stuff not only for our Aikido but for each one of as a person too.

Filip also touched on the healing aspect of good martial arts. As I believe in the law of yin yang, I have often thought that if we are developing way's to harm we must surely 
be able to heal to the same extent, which in reality is surely more useful throughout life.

One of the comments made during the feedback session I found very true, that it is a very exciting time to be involved in Aikido in NZ and I certainly hope this continues.
Thank you again my friend and to all who made the effort, some quite considerable. 

Till next time,
Yours Tony."
For the second time this year, I was invited to teach an Aikido seminar in Tauranga last weekend and it was a huge pleasure and honour yet again. This time round I felt the seminar was filled with just the right mix of laughter, fun and honesty. Tony Bell and the crew in Tauranga were outstanding hosts yet again and it was a huge pleasure to have 30+ participants on the mat together.

Topic-wise we began with the foundation of breathing and relaxation to be the in the moment. From there, and building on the first seminar in February, we further explored the role of uke in regards to the exploration of suki (openings) and the possibilities of Kaeshi Waza (counterattacks) that they might present. Second, we looked at the issue of kōgeki by reinvestigating various attacks and how they do or don't enable nage to apply a technique. The video below only shows the Kaeshi Waza part of the seminar.

Outstanding times all in all, already looking forward to the next occasion!
Big thanks to everyone,