Saturday, 21 September 2013

Visiting Takeshin Dojo Frankfurt - 22 September (but actually sometime in July) 2013

I was just going through my photo folder looking for stuff when I realised that I had some more photos from my trip to Europe that I hadn't shared yet, so here they are: 
 The photos are from another visit to some longstanding friends of mine at Takeshin Aikido Frankfurt. I'm a little brain-dead from 2-weeks of excessive working and writing on my PhD (some of which I hope to share with you soon), so I'll keep this short and sweet. Sensei Thomas Mehl - a 4th Dan student of Christian Tissier Shihan - and his students are an incredibly friendly and skilled bunch and a great part of Frankfurt's Aikido scene, so should you have time to get there and check it out, don't forget to say hi to these guys as well! 
More again soon,