Monday, 10 March 2014

Seminars, seminars, seminars (Tissier, Orban, and more) - 10 March 2014

It's pretty crazy really, and I've been saying this for a while now, but here in Europe you can literally go to a seminar every weekend if you wanted to. And not just one seminar, but up to three in one weekend. And this is just purely speaking Aikido, so if you wanted to delve into other things like Koryu Budo, Systema, or you name it, well I'm not sure you could even follow the number of things on offer. 

Anyway, over the last two weeks I have managed to teach a seminar here myself, visit four different Aikido dojos for regular training sessions, and this weekend, attend two different seminars (there was actually a third one I thought about going to but then skipped). On Friday evening I joined 100+ people on the mat from all over Europe who got together to train under the high-quality instruction of Christian Tissier Shihan here in Frankfurt. On saturday I sat in the car and drove some 3.5hrs over to Chemnitz (former East Germany) and joined another 40+ people at a seminar with Philippe Orban Sensei

Orban Sensei had us work intensively on our breathing, posture, relaxation and connecting our body and mind into a single unit that can work as a whole. Since I moved to NZ five years ago, I only see Orban Sensei twice a year (once when he comes to visit us, and once on my yearly trip to Europe), but I continue to be amazed by the speed at which even he himself is improving on these topics and continues to challenge himself incessantly. Considering his increasingly busy travelling schedule that is now taking him to South America, Canada, Africa, Asia, and all across Europe, I am extremely happy that he still takes the time to visit us in NZ on a fairly regular basis and am already looking forward to our seminar(s) that is only a few weeks away now!!
For a teaser of Orban Sensei's work have a look at the below video from his last visit to Auckland or the others on our media page
Orban Sensei's seminars are increasingly being visited by martial arts practitioners from all kinds of styles and directions and I believe that this is due to the principle based/focussed nature of his work. Though the forms and exercises might look a little different than in other styles, Orban Sensei merely uses these as tools to develop the mind and body in such a way that they can function effectively and efficiently in a martial context (and a lot of space is given to a free experimentation with the acquired tools). 

If you are interested in broadening your horizon, regardless of which martial art you train, or simply spend some more time quality training, please feel free to
contact me on filipmaric(at) to register and confirm your spot 
and get in quick as there is not much time left until the seminar!! Also, an additional seminar will be held in Christchurch, South Island NZ on the following weekend. For the very eager ones who want to go the extra mile. I will definitely be at both so I am looking forward to training with you here or there.

On a more personal note, my time here in Europe is coming to an end and I have yet again greatly enjoyed myself, both on and off the mat. This time I was very glad to feel that I have spent the most possible quality time with every single one I have met and I am very grateful for that. It is great to have such good friends all over the world and I am now looking forward to coming back to NZ and catching up with everyone there again. 

Much love, worldwide, and from seminar to seminar,