Monday, 20 October 2014

Structure & Balance Systema Seminar - 21 October 2014

This Sunday we had the first seminar in a series of three to be run by Dan Miles & Les Hayes of Systema Waikato. With Loren being away, I took the usual morning class and focussed it on some basic ground movement to limber up the body, rolling over obstacles and a few short rounds of wrestling on the ground. Movements aside, the underlying focus of the class was an in-depth exploration of the principle of breathing sufficiency.

After that Dan & Miles took us through a brilliant day of exploring structure breaking and taking balance. I've already almost gotten used to both of their really good step-by-step teaching approach which allowed everyone to work through all the bits and pieces that we covered. It was really visible and palpable how, thanks to the available amount of time and the great teaching, everyone not just understood, but was able to put into practice this very core principle that is so relevant to all martial arts practice.

I have really thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to thank all the participants - how amazing to have people from Wellington, New Plymouth, Hamilton, Napier, Auckland and even Tahiti come together for a day of shared training and growing!

Next up, we have Loren from Auckland teaching a day-seminar in Wellington on 1 November. Then, only a few weeks later, we have our two sold out events with Akuzawa Sensei in Christchurch and here at Jikishin Dojo Auckland and then in the new year the Progressive Series with Dan & Les continues, alongside many other seminars. Connect on Facebook if you want to receive invites there, or check on our events page to stay updated!